P1 - Improved Health and Wellbeing Outcomes for Families

(P1) % Client Service Referrals Responded to Within 48 hours

91.0%Jan 2019

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Story Behind the Curve

The organisation formalised the client referral process for PENELOPE in May 2016. The original measure was intended as literally 48 hours, however while the term 48 hours remains, the data reported for the 2017/2018 period is based on 'two working days'.

November 2018 report for October 2018

The client referrals process is supported by the central administration team .  The overall trend remains positive and continues to improve ove rthe 2018-2019 FY after a dip at the beginning of the new FY. 


Management (Data and report monitoring)

Staff (Data input)

What Works

Managers and team leaders, monitoring the data reports provided on a daily basis and acting on exceptions.

Staff, monitoring the queue on a daily basis and acting on incoming referrals within the two day window. 

To manage the increasing volume of referrals the organisation centralised the referral entry point to what is now called the Central Referral Unit (CRU). The CRU commenced in October 2017 and is staffed by one administrator employed part time, and supported by the team leadership team.

Action Plan

Actions and tools are now in place for daily monitoring.

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