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Neighbourhood Support Service 1819

(P2) % Neighbourhoods feeling safer and healthier

72.73%HY1 2018

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Story Behind the Curve

The data captured is sourced from the neighbourhood street leader's experience.  



  • Counties Manukau Health  - Coordinated Care Neighbourhood Support
  • National Hauora Coalition - AWHI

Referees and Providers

  • NZ Police
  • General practioners and clinics
  • Plunket
  • Auckland Council


  • Neighbourhood streetleaders
  • Counties Manukau Sport
  • Sports clubs
  • Schools


  • Neighbourhood street leaders
  • Neighbourhoods, residents and their families 
What Works
  • Building neighbourhood capacity through encouraging and supporting volunteer street leaders
  • Encouraging, leading and supporting community and neighbourhood events
Action Plan
  • Introduce and support a RBA approach amongst street leaders to help them 
    • identify their neighbourhood's priorities when creating healthier and safer neighbourhoods, and
    • measure their neighbourhoods effectiveness
  • Provide a light touch to help set up neighbourhood support groups centred only around safety
  • Support the Thriving Otara movement
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