P3 - Otara's Families Live, Learn, Work and Play in Healthy Sustainable Environments

(P3) % Those most affected who are also actively participating in the solution design or delivery

100.0%HY1 2018

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Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure has proved difficult to capture in an accurate and meaningful way. Better defining the setting for when and where this measure is captured will enable the capture of this data set for 2018/2019. The data captured to date provides the best account of our collaborative approach and attempts to involve those most affected in the design of possible solutions.


The Thriving Otara Collective and constituency (residents and NGO service providers)

What Works
Action Plan
  • Determine the setting for when and where this measure is best captured
  • Determine the most appropriate data collection method - e.g. attendance sheet, Minutes
  • Survey a sample of Otara residents about their understanding of the Thriving Otara movement and provide the opportunity for focus groups or other methods of engagement.
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