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Story Behind the Curve

This data represents children whose families are receiving Child Care Financial Assistance because they work, are in training or school, or the parent has a special need. The number of cases with these reasons for Child Care Financial Assistance have been going down over the past few years. We believe this is due to a combination of factors, including the increase in minimum wage; parents making different child care choices; changes in Approved Relative Child Care; and possibly the change in the number of child care programs available. In addition, the information we have received from parents is that the Child Care Financial Assistance program does not pay enough towards child care to make it worth a parent's time to apply when they will receive a smaller benefit. Often these parents need to use less quality, and often illegal child care they can afford.


The Child Development Division partners with 12 community agencies to provide eligibility determine services across the state. These agencies often also provide outreach to the community about the program.

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Action Plan

The Child Development Division plans to develop a public awareness campaign about the Child Care Financial Assistance Program, and the benefits of using regulated child care programs.

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