Vermont Weatherization Program

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As mentioned in the previous section, OEO has implemented a "flexible job cost average" in the last few years that allows a maximum cost per unit that is based on the percentage of single family homes completed.  The higher the percentage of single famliy homes that are weatherized, the higher the maximum allowable cost per unit, and vice versa (the higher the multi family completion percentage the lower the allowable cost per unit).  A higher percentage of single family homes have been Weatherized in recent years based on need throughout the state, thus a higher average cost per unit at the end of the year. 

The average program expenditure per household in 2020 exceeded the budgeted amount.  This was because of the 2 month shut down of Weatherization due to COVID and fewer jobs being completed for the year as a result.  OEO has amended each Agencies SFY20 Weatherization Grant to extend the performance period 1 year and at the same time allocate 2021's additional funding.  This will allow the agencies to catch up on their 2020 required work, Weatherize more homes and reduce their Average Program Expenditures to the budgeted amount. 

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