Vermont Weatherization Program

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OEO provides its Weatherization providers with a maximum allowable cost per unit that fluctuates with the percentage of single family units a provider completes in a given year.  This "flexible job cost average" provides more allowable funding per unit when a provider completes a higher percentage of single family homes.  Some agencies (program providers) have decided to target more single family homes becuase of this and the significant need for this housing type in their area.  As a result, the number of single family homes that have been Weatherized in recent years has increased (however the total number of homes Weatherized has decreased). 

However, in 2020, the overall number of homes significantly decreased due to the 2 month hiatus from production that COVID-19 caused.  Of the homes that were Weatherized, 64% were true single unit homes (413 of 648). 



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