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Story Behind the Curve

The number of households that are Weatherized each year is dependant on the amount of available funds for the Weatherization Program and the type of housing stock recieving assistance (single family or multi family).  The 5 Weatherization Program Providers are required to Weatherize a minimum number of homes each year, based on a maximum allowable cost per unit (average).  The allowable cost per unit fluctuates depending on the percentage of multi family homes served.  In 2018 and 2017 the number of single family homes that were Weatherized increased but the overall number of homes Weatherized decreased.  The result is that more single family homes were Weatherized at a higher cost per unit, thus less overall completed units. 

In 2020, the local Weatherization Programs were not able to work in clients homes for approximatley 8-9 weeks due to COVID and the governors mandate related to.  This resulted in significantly less Homes Weatherized than planned.  The goal is to catch up on production during SFY 2021.    

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