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Connecticut Immunization Information System (CIRTS/CT WiZ) opt-out rate


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Story Behind the Curve

The Connecticut immunization information system, called CT WiZ since September 2018, is a confidential, statewide, computerized information system that records all immunization doses administered to children in Connecticut. Before September 2018 the vaccination registry was called CIRTS - Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System.

Healthcare providers are required to report all immunizations given to children up to the first grade to CT WiZ. The purpose of the immunization information system is to assure that children remain up-to-date with their immunizations and that their records are available when needed. CT Wiz is a vital tool for outreach and monitoring of childhood immunization coverage rates in Connecticut.

All children born in Connecticut since January 1, 1998 are automatically enrolled in CT Wiz at the time of birth. Parents may elect not to have their children enrolled by sending a written request to opt-out of the system. In the past one of the main reasons parents opted-out of the immunization Information System was because they did not understand it. Starting in January of 2016, hospitals distributed a revised enrollment form which clarified the opt-out process. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in parents opting out and our statewide opt-out rate went down to 1%, surpassing the national Healthy People objective of 5%.  Since 2017, the opt-out rate has been <1%.

These data are current as of October 2018.




DPH Immunization Partners

Government: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CT Department of Social Services/Community Health Network (CHN), CT Department of Children and Families, CT Local Health Departments/Districts, Tribal Governments, Health Departments from other states, Emergency Response and Public Health Preparedness

Organizations and Coalitions: Connecticut Vaccine Advisory Council (CVAC), Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Foundation for Children, CT American Lung Association, American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA), Every Child By Two, Association of Immunization Managers (AIM), American Cancer Society

Business and Industry: Pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines, Immunization Information System (IIS) vendors, electronic health record (EHR) vendors, insurance companies

Health Care: Private and public providers, community health centers, school based health centers, hospitals

Education: Daycares, schools and colleges, Board of Nursing, State Department of Education, Yale School of Public Health

Community Services: CT Department of Social Services, Community Health Network (CHN), Local WIC Offices, tribal services, services for immigrants and refugees, homeless shelters and programs, domestic violence shelters and programs, Hispanic Health Council, Maternal Infant Outreach Program - City of Hartford Health and Human Services (MIOP) , Family Strides, Head Start, Healthy Start, Nurturing Families, Connections, Mom’s Project, Positive Parenting, Project Mother Care, Reach out and Read, Birth to Three, libraries, churches, Community Health Center Family Wellness Center/New Britain, Weston Women’s League, Human Resources Agency of New Britain (HRA), Family and Children’s Agency (FCA) of Norwalk, Spanish Speaking Center, United Way

The Public: Parents and the general public

What Works

Per regulations Section 19a-7h-1 to 19a-75-5, all children born in Connecticut are automatically enrolled in CIRTS, unless the parent submits a signed request to opt-out of the system. East to understand CIRTS brochures and enrollment forms are provided to all new parents in Connecticut and enrollment forms are posted in 11 different languages on our DPH Immunization Program Website. The Immunization Program collaborates with state vital records and birth registrars to ensure all new births are entered into CIRTS. Additionally, Immunization Action Plan (IAP) Coordinators educate birthing hospital maternity floor nurses, birth registrars, and parents about the importance and benefits of CIRTS.

National Health People 2020 Objective: IID-18. Increase the percentage of children under 6 years of age whose immunization records are in a fully operational, population-based immunization information system (IIS). Target 95%.

Action Plan

The Immunization Program will continue to monitor the opt-out rate, work with birthing hospitals, and collaborate with the state vital records to ensure children's immunization records are entered into CIRTS. Additionally, CIRTS staff and IAP Coordinators will continue to provide presentations and educational materials to medical providers and parents regarding CIRTS. In January 2016, the CIRTS enrollment form was revised with a clearer explanation of the process for opting out.

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