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# of Individuals Who Exited to Permanent Housing

39Q4 2021

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Story Behind the Curve

The number of individuals exiting to permanent housing varies due to factors such as individual circumstances, rental housing availability, housing costs, and employment options. Many participants have substance abuse challenges, which affect their ability to actively participate in program activities, secure and retain employment, and work toward independent living.

For FY21 (July 2020-June 2021), there was an average of 38 individuals exiting to permanent housing each quarter. The quarterly target for FY21 for the percent of individuals who exited to permanent housing was 60%. The actual percentages have been consistently below this target every quarter in FY21, with a mean average of 46%.


The Department of Corrections (DOC) works in partnership with Designated Agencies, Public Housing Authorities, Community Justice Centers, affordable housing providers, private landlords, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. 

What Works

The following have helped in transitioning individuals to permanent housing:

  • Affordable Housing/Subsidies
  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Housing Retention Services
  • Access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatments
  • Employment Support
Action Plan

The DOC partners, both formally and informally, with the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) and the Burlington Housing Authority (BHA) to access rental assistance/housing subsidies for eligible participants (when available). The DOC continues to explore systematic ways to connect participants to permanent housing and/or subsidies. 

DOC, and the transitional housing programs we fund, are focused on helping individuals stabilize in their community. In January 2021, DOC issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for all transitional housing programs to increase the focus on exits to permanent housing. In July 2021, DOC awarded new grants to transitional housing providers, resulting in a significant shift away from congregate sober-living environments in favor of individual apartments with intensive supports. We expect that this will decrease the number of residents being exited due to program violations. It should also improve our capacity to provide safe, stable housing that meets individual needs while protecting public health and safety.

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