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Traditional Transitional Housing Program - Totaling 30 placement sites (One of three housing programs offered)

% Bed Days Utilized

66%Q4 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

Bed utilization fluctuates each quarter because of the variability in individuals' circumstances and the number of individuals scheduled for release.  The bed days for FY22 (July 2021-June 2022) averaged 59% (low: 50%, high: 66%) which is below our target bed utilization of 80%. These lower than typical averages can partially be explained by COVID-19. For example, some transitional housing partners encouraged less than maximum bed utilization as a COVID mitigation measure throughout FY22.


The Department of Corrections (DOC) works in partnership with Designated Agencies, Public Housing Authorities, Community Justice Centers, affordable housing providers, private landlords, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. 

What Works
Action Plan

The DOC implemented an electronic referral system for transitional housing programs. This process will support effective reentry planning and decrease the time individuals wait to be screened and released to an approved transitional housing program, in turn increasing program utilizations.

Additionally, the DOC recently designated a reentry-focused probation/parole office in each district office to support efficiency in release planning.

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