Total Adult Involuntary Inpatient Care

Total Number of Admissions

141FYQ2 2022

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Story Behind the Curve
  • The Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) goal is to continue to place individuals in appropriate beds as soon as they are available.
  • The timely transition of people to inpatient care requires active management daily for individuals of all statuses in need of hospital care.
  • The inpatient psychiatric system of care's capacity is founded upon the need for balance between admissions and discharges.
    • When there are more admissions than discharges, the system's capacity is reduced and clients may wait longer for inpatient placement.
  • DMH's Adult Care Management Team works with each of Vermont's Designated Hospitals (DHs) to coordinate admissions and support the relevant systems of care in moving people needing care through the system.
    • This team focuses on longer-term planning for individuals needing ongoing support and treatment services, which includes monitoring availability of placements in various levels of community-based programs across the state.
Notes on Methodology
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