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Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI)

# new VCCI eligible members enrolled in care management

33Jan 2022

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Notes on Methodology
  • In December 2020, VCCI added the total # open cases to the break out grid below as a point of reference to be able to compare the numbers of newly enrolled members with the total number of open cases. Due to the way EQ Health tracks open cases, we are unfortunately not able to produce past data points.
  • We anticipate that as case managers’ caseloads near capacity, the number of new enrollments will decrease. 

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Community Service Providers
  • State Partners to include AHS Field Directors, DCF, DOC
  • DVHA Colleagues to include QIU, Pharmacy, COU
  • MMIS & Care Management vendors
Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because members enrolled in case management are provided supports around establishing primary care, tools for self-management of chronic conditions, connections to State resources and establishment of a care team and a lead care coordinator.

The VCCI continues to provide case management services to at risk/high risk members identified through health and human services providers, state colleagues and partners, as well as through our care management system predictive modeling methodology.  Reasons for referring to VCCI remain as 1) community/home-based in person visits needed for complex members 2) case management services provided at intensity that is needed, and not available and 3) VCCI skilled at both health and health related navigation.

This measure captures new enrollments per month only – it does not reflect the total VCCI caseload. The recent drop in this measure, starting in April 2020, is notably due to COVID-19 and how our health and human services sectors needed to limit or cease in person office visits for public health and safety reasons, and so less patient pool to refer to VCCI.  Five staff were deployed to assist other departments in the response to the pandemic. In June, our full team had resumed core job duties with VCCI as well as New to Medicaid outreach. 

Narrative last updated:  12/02/2020

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