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Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI)

% of VCCI enrolled members with a face to face visit during the month

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Jan 2022


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Story Behind the Curve

This measure is important because meeting with members face-to-face is our primary mode of providing case management services to Vermonters.

One of the hallmarks of the VCCI is the provision of services through in person meetings with members, to include in their homes, at shelters, motels, and homeless camps.  This mode of engagement with the member provides the opportunity for an assessment of one’s environment and culture and often supports the evolution of a trusting relationship- all to support effective self-management and sustainable change.  This measure is calculated as the percent of all members enrolled during the reporting month that received at least one face-to-face visit.

In response to COVID-19, the VCCI suspended any in person visits (member and health/human services providers) on 03/13/2020.  As expected, we saw a drop in the rate for this measure.  Our VCCI team continued to provide services and engage with members through technology, using telephone, Skype, and face time. Outside of the health crisis, other factors that may influence this measure are if members either cancel or are not home for scheduled visits; members nearing case closure so visits may not be as frequent; VCCI staff vacancies; and inclement weather that makes travel difficult.  The VCCI developed guidance for resumption of in person visits, working with DVHA Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and other AHS partners.  The VCCI resumed face-to-face visits week of 10/19/2020. However, as COVID-19 cases increased across the country, face-to-face visits were once again suspended on 11/12/2020.

Narrative last updated:  12/02/2020


  • Medicaid Beneficiaries
  • Community Health Teams
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Community Service Providers
  • State Partners include DVHA colleagues, Agency of Human Service (AHS) Field Directors, Department for Children and Families (DCF), and Department of Corrections (DOC)

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