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Budget: Actual vs. estimated administrative budget

$120.74MilMay 2022

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Notes on Methodology

Please note in the chart above that:

  • the dotted trend line represents the cumulative budgeted spend
  • the solid trend line represents the cumulative actual spend

  • AHS Central Office
  • Department of Finance and Management
  • State of Vermont Legislature – Joint Fiscal Committee
  • Agency of Digital Services


Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important because knowing where DVHA stands with actual spend to our budget informs DVHA’s partners on closeout expectations.

The administrative budget is for the costs of how DVHA does business, staff, contracts, and grants. The performance measure for the administrative budget is to show where DVHA’s actual spend is to where we should be in our budget.

The data shows that DVHA is slightly overspent in general fund by $145,388 and are under spent in federal funds by 26.9M. The reasoning behind the under spend is due to the timing of invoicing coming into the business office from outside vendors and ADS.  

Personnel Service:
As of 5/31/2022, DVHA has 374 positions total of which 54 (14%) are currently vacant which includes 23 limited service and 5 temporary State employees. The Health Access Eligibility Unit has 17 vacancies.

The budget for SFY 22 is $36,456,284.28 with a rolled forward amount of $234,845 from SFY 21 and a BAA adjustment of $7,022 totaling $36,698,151.28. DVHA is at 90.09% of spend and will close at the end of the year close to the budget.

This area is underspent to-date, DVHA is at 65.62% of spend when we are estimated to be at 91.67%. The main reason why DVHA is underspent at this time, is that there have been delays in some projects that will push more of the spend to the second half of the year.  Another reason would be timing of the invoicing from the vendors, that shifts spend one or two months after the services have been completed. The adjusted budget for this area is $98,548,476.89. DVHA estimates that contracts will be underspent by 26.3M at close.  

General Operating: DVHA has a general operating budget of $6,862,836. DVHA is underspent, with a 71.77% of spend when DVHA is estimated to be at 91.67%.  The main reason why DVHA is underspent in general operating is that people have not been traveling as much due to COVID still being an issue.  Based on previous year’s spending with the operating cost, DVHA is projected to be sightly underspent for the year.

ADS MOU Operating: The DVHA budget has $19,422,819 for the ADS MOU to support IT projects for SFY22.  DVHA rolled forward over an additional $1,808,617.31 related to PY invoices. The total budget for SFY22 is $21,231,436.31. The rolled forward amount has been liquidated.
DVHA has spent $14,146,109.51 as of 5/31/22, which is 71.17% of spend of the MOU. DVHA is slightly underspent at this moment in time. DVHA is up to date on ADS staffing, is up to date on ADS staffing, no contracted vendors are up to date on their invoices, most are two or more months behind.

Grants adjusted budget is $3,430,317.97 and grants are slightly underspent right now at 75.22% when it should be at an estimated 91.67%. The Grants are underspent at this time because vendors are falling behind on their invoicing and are invoices are coming in below their budgeted amounts. Based on previous year’s spending, Grants should be underspent at year end.

Narrative last updated:  06/15/22

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