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P003: Epidemiology and Response Division (FY17-FY19 Strategic Plan)

P003: Percent of vital records customers who are satisfied with the service they received

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FY 2016


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Story Behind the Curve

  • In the United States, obtaining a birth or death certificate (vital record) copy typically costs from $20 to $90. New Mexico has one of the lowest costs for obtaining a vital record copy, from $5 to $10.
  • Vital records are important legal documents and are key to many essential activities such as applying for jobs, qualifying for benefits, and obtaining a driver’s license or even a passport.
  • The survey consists of a single question: “Please let us know how we did in serving you today.” A single question survey is simple, low-cost, and accessible for all customers, including those with limited literacy skills.
  • Vital records has seen a significant increase in customer business due to the implementation of the Real ID driver's license by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).
  • Vital records temporarily stopped the customer satisfaction survey during FY17-Q3, due to increased demands associated with the Real ID Act. Therefore, there are no FY17 performance data for this measure.


  • Hospitals
  • Midwives
  • Funeral homes
  • Office of the Medical Investigator
  • Physicians
  • Tribal authorities
  • Family members

What Works

  • Simple, single-question survey.
  • Switching over to electronic Tablets as a possible way to increase response rate and minimize data entry errors for more efficient reporting of results.


  • Conduct surveys at local Public Health Offices (PHOs).
  • One month out of every quarter, conduct the survey.

Action Plan

Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS) will work to increase customer satisfaction to the FY 17 Target of 95% by achieving the following quarterly milestones:

  • Q1: Achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 90% or higher using a short survey in English and Spanish. Completed.
  • Q2: Analyzed the data from Q1 to determine the time of day that is busiest and supplement the front counter with additional staff at that time. Due to the implementation of the Real ID driver's license, the volume of customers has caused the office to be continually busy all day long. Completed for Q2.
  • Q3: Pilot test a new procedure for processing large birth requests, such as Tribal enrollment officer requests, by moving those requests to the back office for processing. Incomplete.
  • Q4: Conduct the customer satisfaction survey in the Albuquerque office and establish a quarterly baseline for the Albuquerque office. Incomplete.

FY17 Annual Progress Summary

Due to the increase in volume that the Bureau of Vital Records has seen due to the implementation of the Real ID driver’s license, the quality improvement initiatives that were planned for FY17 had to be postponed. The Bureau staff who would have been involved with implementing additional quality improvement initiatives have been redirected to assisting with customer service. Customer service is the number one goal of the bureau and all efforts are being made to continue to offer excellent customer service in the face of the large increase in customers.

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