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P006 Office of Facilities Management (FY17-FY19 Strategic Plan)

P006: Average number of days from approval of a priority client request for treatment (RFT) to first scheduling contact for admission to the hospital

Current Value

3 days

FY 2017


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Story Behind the Curve

  • In 2014, New Mexico had the 2nd highest total drug overdose death rate in the nation, and for the past 15 years New Mexico’s death rate from alcohol-related chronic disease has consistently been first or second in the nation.
  • Turquoise Lodge Hospital (TLH) provides safety net services for consumers in New Mexico who are seeking detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol. The hospital prioritizes admission for pregnant injecting drug users, pregnant substance users, other injecting drug users, women with dependent children, parenting women, and men and women seeking to regain custody of their children. TLH has the potential to impact New Mexico's drug overdose and alcohol death rate through active engagement of priority populations.
  • TLH's goal is to actively engage and support patients to enter treatment by beginning the scheduling process for priority populations within one day of their approval for detoxification.


  • Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division
  • Children, Youth & Families Department
  • University of New Mexico Addiction and Substance Abuse (ASAP) Program
  • Medicaid
  • State and federal probation officers
  • Managed Care Organizations

What Works

  • Actively engage with and support individuals to enter treatment by increasing the number of informative contacts to the person requesting treatment.


  • Implement one additional informative telephone scheduling contact prior to admission to the hospital.

Action Plan

  • Q1-Q2: Develop a Crystal Reporting Tool to link assessment approval with call management data. Complete.
  • Q2: Implement modifications to the Call Management Tool to collect all priority population data. Complete.
  • Q3: Evaluate staffing assignments and work flow based on reporting outcomes. Complete.
  • Q3: Implement Pre-Scheduling Contact. Complete.
  • Q4: Evaluate percentage of approved RFTs that are admitted to the hospital pre- and post- intervention. Complete.

FY17 Annual Progress Summary

  • TLH began FY17 with no baseline data for the number of days from treatment approval to first scheduling contact.  We began capturing the data and found that for the first two quarters we were averaging just under five days from approval to first scheduling contact. 
  • With the theory that increased contact will result in increased engagement, we implemented the intervention of a pre-scheduling call in Q3.  We evaluated staffing assignments and work flow, and made adjustments to accommodate the intervention. We also worked with NMDOH Information Technology Division and created a report which aggregates the data for this measure.
  • The data shows that we decreased the number of days from approval for treatment to first scheduling contact for priority populations from an average of 4.96 days in Q1 to an average of 1.1 days in Q4. This Performance Measure will be closed based on the successful decrease in the number of days from approval to first scheduling contact.
  • To determine whether increased contact has been effective in increasing engagement, we evaluated the historical baseline of the percent of priority individuals who were admitted to the program. We will be tracking a new, outcomes oriented, performance measure in FY18 to determine whether there is an increase in the percent of priority clients who are admitted to the program.

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