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Vermont Medicaid (Global Commitment) (GC-20)

Vermont Medicaid (Global Commitment) (GC-21)

% of people in Choices for Care who report they can choose or change any of the services they receive.


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Story Behind the Curve

A case manger’s job is to help the individual and family become well-informed about all choices that may address the needs and outcomes identified in the plan.  Conflict of interest may promote conscious or unconscious “steering” which may limit a person’s access to services.  An individual’s perception of his/her option to choose or change any of the services he/she receives is an indicator of conflict free case management.

This information is collected through individual interviews with participants using the National Core Indicators- Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) survey tool.  NCI-AD is a consumer satisfaction survey that collects valid and reliable person-reported data about the impact that states’ publicly-funded Long Term Services and Supports have on the quality of life of, and outcomes for, seniors and adults with physical disabilities.  DAIL contracted with an independent survey agency to conduct the NCI-AD survey in Vermont for the 2018 survey year. The initial data will be available the beginning of 2019.


Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), Home Health Agencies, Adult Day Programs, and Authorized Agencies

What Works

•  Person centered planning

•  DAIL Quality oversight of programs

Action Plan

DAIL staff will conduct a statewide assessment to identify and address areas of potential conflict of interest.

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