Choices for Care - Moderate Needs Program (CFC MNG)

Provider wait list total # for CFC Moderate Needs

629HY2 2021

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Story Behind the Curve

The Choices for Care “Moderate Needs” program is an option for individuals who may not meet nursing home level of care but require some services to assist them to remain independent in their home, preventing a more intense level of service. The Moderate Needs option is not an “entitlement” and is limited by available funds. If an agency does not have funding to provide services to all eligible participants, a waitlist is created.

  • Adult Day Centers
  • Case Management Providers
  • Home Health Agencies
What Works

The Home Health Agencies and the provider group evaluate their budgets throughout the year and have the ability to reallocate the funds to other agencies to ensure the largest number of individuals receive services.

Action Plan

DAIL Adult Services Division is monitoring to identify any unspent funds to allocate the funds to the agencies with waitlists to ensure full utilization of the moderate needs funding allocation.

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