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Story Behind the Curve

Last Updated: February 2023

Author: Tobacco Control Program, Vermont Department of Health

The curve represents the number of Vermonters who enroll in the Quit Online program, which is implemented by National Jewish Health on the behalf of the Tobacco Control Program. Tracking the number of Vermont smokers who register for the Quit Online is necessary to evaluate the impact that communications and outreach efforts have on the utilization of this free service. Quit Online offers 24/7 accessibility, a quit plan creation tool and other resources to help tobacco users decrease their use or quit altogether.

In 2021 there were 2,244 Vermonters who registered to use the Quit Online program. Digital promotion in particular drives people to these online services. The program continues to monitor this measure to determine if this is a trend and to identify ways to continue to enhance the numbers of individuals assisted. 

When looking at previous years there were several months including January and May, where the number of registrants met or nearly met the target goal of 250 registrants. These upswings often coincide with media campaigns. Campaign promotions have included CDC’s Quit Tips campaign television ads, Vermont Quit Partner ads, and digital media in addition to radio. During periods when mass reach cessation campaigns are not occurring, digital media helps to reduce the dips in Quit Online registrants seen in previous years. In previous years, the lowest numbers of online registrants was during the summer months.


  • National Jewish Health (NJH)- The program's Quitline contractor who provides the Quitline and Quit Online services and sends the program monthly 802Quits reports.
  • Rinck Advertising- The program's media sub-contractor who supports promotional efforts and the 802Quits website.
  • Department Vermont Health Access- The Vermont Medicaid office who collaborates with the program on expanding and promoting the cessation benefit and 802Quits resources for Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The program uses CDC's Tips from Former Smokers in mass-reach health communications

What Works

Hard-hitting and emotionally laden ads like those from CDC's Tips are shown to increase cessation activity especially among lower income segments who represent the majority of smokers in Vermont. The call to action in the ads used in Vermont have directed individuals toward the Quitline. Both Quitlines and promoting them are part of best practice in a comprehensive program. Vermont's Tobacco Control Program receives weekly, monthly, and quarterly Vermont Quitline data from NJH. The program's current strategy is to ensure that the appropriate measures are included on the intake questionnaire that will reflect populations or demographics that may require more focused promotion or outreach protocol. For example, Medicaid recipients were the target for the mailings sent out in February of 2014 and 2015, which resulted in an increase of registrants. Based on the curve, increases in registrants can also be attributed to the airing of national CDC Quit Tips campaign ads and 802Quits promotional efforts. Continuing and enhancing these efforts will work to turn the curve.

Action Plan

In FY23, the program will:

  • analyze the efficacy of its promotional efforts which includes tracking Quit Online data.
  • promote Quit Online through CDC Tips, locally produced advertisements, digital media, social media engagement, and mailings.
  • work with media partners to raise awareness of engaging Quit Online platform, with enhanced features including chat support with peers.
  • increase provider education and engagement
  • collaborate with partners, such as the Pride Center, to promote Quit Online utilization by populations experiencing disparities.

Notes on Methodology

Reporting for this data changed in 2016. Prior to February 2016 the reported number of online participants included those who were also enrolled in the phone program. After this date the reported number represents those enrolled in the online program only.

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