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Last Updated: February 2016

Author: Immunization Program, Vermont Department of Health

In 2015, 59 practices received training on the use of the Immunization Registry. Keeping children up to date for immunizations requires medical providers to have easy access to immunization records. This is often challenging, as people move and change providers. Immunization Registries, also known as Immunization Information Systems (IIS), provide a centrally located, secure repository for immunizations administered in Vermont. The Registry provides scheduling guidance to providers, which can be helpful if children have fallen behind for immunizations. And with Registry access, providers can assess their practice to help improve immunization delivery through reports that help identify children who are not up to date for specific vaccine series.


Primary Care Providers, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Practitioners, Vermont Hospitals, Vermont Health Insurers, Vermont Pharmacies, School Nurses, Head Start, Vermont Information Technology Leaders

What Works

As more Vermont medical providers adopt electronic medical records in their practice, sending immunization records to the Vermont Immunization Registry becomes much easier. Virtually everyone agrees it is helpful to have access to a single record for each individual so that no matter where that person seeks care, their immunization history is available to credentialed users. The Immunization Registry continues to seek all available sources of immunization records, including pharmacy records and billing information. Complete records can both prevent unnecessary immunizations, and help providers identify persons in their practice who can benefit from addition protection against a preventable disease.

Action Plan

Health professionals at each of Vermont’s 12 district offices train medical practices in their area to use the Registry.

Online tutorials will be available on the Vermont Department of Health website to help new users get familiar with the Registry.

The Immunization Registry active solicits and imports batch files of historical immunization records from many other sources including health insurance billing records, provider offices, and pharmacies to compile the most complete and accurate immunization record possible for all Vermonters.

The Immunization Registry is collaborating with Vermont Information Technology Leaders to enable electronic medical records at provider offices and hospitals to send immunization records directly to the Immunization Registry via secure HL7 message. As of February 2016, 107 medical providers were sending live messages in “real time.” Planning for two-way data exchange is anticipated in the coming year.

The Immunization Registry also seeks data from out of state entities who provide immunization services to VT residents. The Registry is also importing “real time” data from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

Why Is This Important?

Together these performance measures focus on whether Vermonters are better off as a result of Health Department's Immunization Program and Registry. They do so by looking at the quality and efficiency of these programs and services. This performance measure is important because it measures HOW MUCH the program is doing; it measures quantity of program effort.

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