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Immunization in schools

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Immunization Program

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Story Behind the Curve

Last Updated: January 2015

Author: Immunization Program, Vermont Department of Health

School immunization reports were completed by 100% of all public and private schools for the past four years. Beginning in 2013, the Health Department Immunization Program has provided every public and private Vermont school with an aggregate immunization report and has made these available on the website. Parents or other interested individuals may review data and compare immunization rates across different schools in a supervisory union. Vermont is one of only 17 states in the U.S. that make school immunization rates publicly available.


School nurses and administrators, primary care providers/staff, VDH Office of Local Health public health nurses

What Works

Vermont school immunization regulations require that all children be vaccinated prior to enrollment in a public or private school. Health Department nurses are working with school nurses across Vermont to ensure that parents are informed about required immunizations. All components of the revised statute on vaccine exemptions in schools 18 V.S.A. ยง 1122, passed in 2012, have been fully implemented by the Health Department.

Action Plan

Continued education, enforcement of school immunization regulations and ongoing evaluation

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