Local Care Team Coordination (Anne Arundel)

Number of unique referrals received by the LCT during the reporting period

85 HFY1 2023

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Story Behind the Curve

As the bulk of our referrals are generated by school system employees, we tend to have less referrals in the first half of the fiscal year due to low numbers during the summer months (July, Aug, Sept). Numbers will increase significantly in the second half of the fiscal year. In HY1FY20 the numbers were lower than usual due to staff transitions. Our LCT coordinator retired over the summer and her replacement was hired in early fall. We continued to operate the program with internal staff during this gap, but the lack of a dedicated coordinator did limit some of the late-summer outreach that is generally done to schools and community partners. However, our new LCT Coordinator is fully up-to-speed and is making great strides in the role so we anticipate an increase in cases during the second half of the fiscal year. In addition, we are piloting a third potential care team focused on homeless families (BRICKET - or Bricks & Mortar CRICT). If this third iteration of the model is successful, that will also contribute to higher numbers during the second half of hte fiscal year.

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