Local Care Team Coordination (Anne Arundel)

Total number of LCT reviews completed during the reporting period.

82 HFY1 2023

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Story Behind the Curve

Two cases between CRICT and EC CRICT were cancelled and have not yet been rescheduled - one family was a no-show and has not responded to follow-up, the second was more recent and was related to an unexpected death in the family. We expect this second case to be rescheduled during the second half of the fiscal year. The remaining cases that were referred but not heard were from homeless families/individuals referred to our BRICKIT team. Given the transient nature of homelessness an initial contact (or contacts) were made, referrals were done at their behest, but we were unable to reach them to schedule the meeting. We are hopeful that we will be able to reconnect with some of these families and their cases will be able to be heard during the second half of the fiscal year. 

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