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# of Vermonters with diabetes who complete a Diabetes Management Workshop

3Q4 2021

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Last Updated: January 15, 2020

Author: Diabetes Program, Vermont Department of Health

The Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes (HLW-D) is Vermont's name for the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program. The workshop helps Vermonters with diabetes improve self-confidence in personally managing diabetes by using peer support and short-term action plans to change behavior. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers the HLW-D to be an evidence-based program for improving diabetes self-management, including blood glucose control. Other Healthier Living Workshop programs exist for chronic disease and for pain.

Dashboard data for this measure is not available between 2013 and 2014; however, since 2014 the Vermont Blueprint for Health has partnered with community organizations to provide program administration and address barriers to data reporting. The Health Department began receiving data again in Q2 of 2015.

  • The Vermont Blueprint for Health and the Project Managers, the Community Health Teams, and the Regional Coordinators, whom they support are trained as Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes leaders. They are the key partners, responsible for initiating the workshops statewide.
  • Support and Services at Home (SASH) is another important partner; SASH participants have a high prevalence of diabetes, and so SASH Coordinators, acting as community health workers, benefit from becoming trained as Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes leaders.
  • Certified Diabetes Educators are also important partners. Many members of the Vermont Association of Diabetes Educators are trained as leaders in the Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes and incorporate this program, in its entirety or in pieces, in their diabetes self management programs and services.
  • Community Health Improvement (CHI) at the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) is the Health Department's key partner. They accepted the administration of the Blueprint's self-management programs in the Fall of 2017. The My Healthy VT website makes it easy to find a program close by:
What Works

VDH works closely with Community Health Improvement, charged with managing all Blueprint-supported self-management programs statewide. This new collaboration is building on pre-established data collection processes to continue to evaluate outcomes from the Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes. Strong partnerships, like that between VDH, CHI, and the Vermont Blueprint for Health are instrumental in supporting the needs of the VDH Dashboard Scorecard. Our focus is the Healthy Living Workshop for Diabetes data, but Vermonters are also attending other diabetes self-management education programs offered in each health service area. For these, we have very limited statewide data (provided by the CDC via the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators).

In addition to increasing the number of Vermonters who complete the Healthier Living Workshops for diabetes, we are also beginning to improve our focus on clinical outcomes and performance measures, noting declines in poorly controlled diabetes (as measured by A1Cs greater than 9).

Action Plan

1. Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Blueprint for Health staff continue to work with Community Health Improvement to create meaningful data reporting and evaluation strategies in support of the CDC 1815 diabetes and heart disease grant.

2. The Vermont Department of Health will continue to work with partners to increase the delivery of the Healthy Living Workshops for Diabetes (HLW-D). VDH has dedicated staff for marketing-communications at VDH who are funded by the CDC diabetes and heart disease grant. Aditionally, VDH has contracted with HARK Media and Communications to revise and build up the microsite, to increase its function in enhancing referrals to the HLW-D and other self-management programs. CHI will continue to work with VDH and HARK to maximize opportunities for program advertisement.

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