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Better Off: % of new youth referred for in-State residential placement who are alternatively served through community-based services - Annual

40% FY 2021

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FY22 EOY: Our LCTs are most often utilized as a prevention mechanism to keep families and children from becoming "deep end" users of our child-serving systems. Most cases are referred to us long before an RTC is even discussed. Often, when an RTC is recommended, it is after a family has been served previously by one of our Care Teams and/or inside our Systems of Care initiative and all community-based treatment and support options have been explored and exhausted.  Most children and families are able to be served in their communities so no "step down" approach is necessary. For FY22, those children that were not able to be "stepped down" were because the interventions they needed were not available in a lower-level service and RTC was the appropriate placement.


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