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# of pharmacy vouchers given out by VCCU clinics

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Story Behind the Curve

The number of pharmacy vouchers given out by free clinics has increased significantly since 2012, from a total of 735 given to patients to an all time high of 1,652 in 2018. Numbers have dipped significantly since then because VCCU is now able to enroll patients in a program which provides a multi-use pharmacy care. 

While the percentage of insured adults has increased over the years, out of pocket expenses like prescriptions continue to be a challenge for many low income Vermonters. Pharmacy vouchers are an increasingly important resource for referral programs like UVM MC's. Free samples of medications are more common at free-standing clinics with an average of 125 samples give out by 3 clinics each quarter in 2012-13. Almost a third of free sample given out were at dental clinics.


Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (VCCU) members.

What Works

Having access to vouchers for necessary medications makes actually complying with recognized medical treatment plans effective. Without vouchers, many uninsured or under-insured Vermonters would be choosing between critical medications for chronic health conditions and other basic expenses like housing, food and transportation.

Action Plan

No coordinate action planned as UVMMC distributes nearly 95% of pharmacy vouchers of all 10 VCCU member free clinics.

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