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Father Project

$ allocated to support program in Becker County

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Grant dollars allocated to program expansion. 

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Story Behind the Curve

Factors pushing up:

  • # of increasing referrals for men in Becker County 
  • Donation from EH St. Mary's to support supplies for the program in 2018 
  • Increased need for services (increasing rates of substance use disorder, mental health concerns/behaviors of youth in schools)
  • CHI willingness to partner with EH 
  • HRSA grant applied for and approved in 2019 between CHI, Essentia Health - DL, and the Essentia Health Research Institutue as a part of the Midwest Regional Opioid Consortium
  • Expansion of motivational speaking services & public awareness

Factors pushing down: 

  • non-reimbursable service for health insurance
  • competing state funding priorities
  • "soft" measurable outcomes 
  • stigma of mental illness and substance use disorder



  • Essentia Health
  • CHI
  • State Legislators
  • Becker County Human Services
  • Compassion House
  • Becker County Jail
  • Becker County Probation
  • Becker County Sheriffs Office
  • City Police agencies
  • Mahube/OTWA 
  • Schools 

What Works

1. Measuring Return on Investment 

2. Strong utilization of services

3. Improving measurements of program 

4.  Public Awareness campaigns 

5. Endownments, or expanding fundraising efforts

6. Legislative funding- (more permanent allocation funds) 

Action Plan

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