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Correctional Services: Community Supervision

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Q4 2023


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Point-in-time quarterly counts are provided using available data from the last day (or closest to last day) of each quarter (e.g., point-in-time counts are for 09/21/2022 for Q1, 12/31/2022 for Q2, 03/31/2023 for Q3, 06/30/2023 for Q4).

For FY23 (July 2022-June 2023), the number of supervised individuals with a probation status steadily increased with an average of 2,596 supervised individuals per quarter. Individuals supervised on probation constituted 69.4% of the FY23 population under community supervision. 

The FY23 counts adopt a revised methodology for probation counts, which excludes absconders—a group that was included in FY22 counts. When this revised methodology is applied to FY22, the trend shows relative stable counts (low 2,200s) for the majority of the year with a slight rise by FY22 Q4 to 2,363.

This upward trajectory continues throughout FY23, with each quarter seeing an increase from its predecessor. The growth between Q1 and Q4 in FY23 is 17.3%, indicating a pronounced and sustained upward trend.


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