Power Of One (Anne Arundel FY20 and Beyond) -Annual

Better Off: % of enrolled youth that improved their GPA based on a comparison of 1st and 4th quarter report card data -Annual

67% FY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

This measure is only calculated for the annual report when both 1st and 4th quarter report cards are available for the enrolled youth. 

FY20- The second half of the school year was devastating, not only for the staff but the parents and children enrolled in the program. COVID-19 came through and hit them as the world with a blow. The youth in this program were less likely to have internet access and/or appropriate technology to remain engaged with school after the transition to virtual learning, thus making it harder for them to both attend school and be able to improve their grades. In addition, the transition to pass/fail made "improvement" difficult to measure.

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