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Pop-Up Youth Drop In Center (Anne Arundel County FY20 and Beyond)

How Well: % of unaccompanied homeless youth served that are screened using the Casey Life Skills assessment

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HFY1 2022


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Story Behind the Curve

All youth served met both the criteria of UHY and DY. Rather than being disparate populations, they are the same 15 youth overlapping both categories.  Most of the youth were willing to participate in screening as a gateway to accessing additional services and supports but there are several that are either generally unwilling to engage because of fears around "the system" or disbelief that help can be offered. They are willing to engage with program staff and access on-site services like a meal, group discussions, clothing, and other basic needs but are learning to trust the staff and programmatic offerings. 


What Works

Action Plan

Staff plan to continue to show up and demonstrate reliability as part of the necessary groundwork for long-term trusting relationships with these youth. 

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