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System Capacity: Number of people treated through the ASAM Guided, ADAP provider system.

6,984Q3 2019

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Story Behind the Curve

Last Updated: March 2020. Author: Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs, Vermont Department of Health

The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) requires the preferred provider network employ evidence-based practices as outlined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM; see reference below).It is important to note that not every person in formal or informal treatment is in the ADAP preferred provider network. The number of people in the ADAP system is a function of system capacity capacity both in and outside the preferred provider system.  As spoke capacity has increased substantially throughout the state, people with opioid use disorder have more opportunity and choice in accessing medication assisted treatment outside the preferred provider system. The ADAP goal is to have the capacity to treat at least 7350 individuals per quarter in the preferred provider system. Capacity in an evidence-based network is an important measure of the ability of the system to quickly and effectively respond to addiction treatment demand. The increase in overall capacity has been driven largely by increases in medication assisted treatment (MAT) for those with opioid use disorder. As we achieve enough capacity and access to MAT, ADAP continues to look for opportunities to increase participation in and options for treatment focusing on other use disorders, such as alcohol.


American Society of Addiction Medicine (2013).The ASAM Criteria:Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related, and Co-Occurring Conditions.Carson City, NV:The Change Companies.


ADAP preferred provider network.

What Works

ASAM evidence-based treatment criteria.

Action Plan

Continue offering ASAM guided treatment through the ADAP provider system.

Notes on Methodology

These data are based on the Substance Abuse Treatment Information System (SATIS) which collects admission, service, and discharge information for each treatment Preferred Provider funded by the Vermont Department of Health Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs.

Delays in the receipt of data by the Preferred Providers may impact the measures. Numbers have been adjusted to estimate the totals based on the most recent full quarter of data available.

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