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Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital (VPCH)

Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital (VPCH)

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Number of hours of seclusion and restraint per 1,000 patient hours

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Story Behind the Curve

We want the # of hours of seclusion and restraint to go down.

Providing patient care in an environment that is safe and supportive is important for recovery.  VPCH, through its work with the SAMHSA Six Core Strategies for Reducing seclusion and restraint has lowered its rate of seclusion and restraint to approximately one half-hour per 1,000 patient hours, which is almost an hour less than the established target.

Updated February 2018

Notes on Methodology

Data is calculated using reports of emergency involuntary procedures (EIPs) and total patient hours captured by VPCH’s electronic medical record.  The rate is calculated by dividing the total hours of seclusion and restraint divided by the total patient hours and multiplied by 1,000.  This rate is the nationally established metric for reporting EIPs.

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