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Vermont Nursing Homes with NO Division of Licensing and Protection Survey Finding of F or Higher

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Story Behind the Curve

The DAIL Division of Licensing and Protection surveys Vermont nursing homes on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The core licensing requirements are established by CMS. Surveys are conducted annually and when significant complaints, including self-reports form facilities, are received. When surveyors cite a deficiency at a nursing home, the deficiency is given a rating from A though L based on the scope and severity. Although all deficiencies are taken seriously and must be corrected, deficiencies rated F and higher indicate either actual harm to a resident(s) has occurred or the deficiency is widespread at the facility. The higher the number of facilities with F ratings or higher, the higher the number of facilities that have been found to provide substandard quality of care.


Vermont nursing home administrators and staff; Vermont nursing home residents and family members; the Vermont Long Term Care Ombudsman.

What Works

DLP operates as an independent, regulatory agency that objectively and fairly evaluates Vermont nursing homes.


DLP will continue to perform assertive surveys of nursing homes, both citing deficiencies and working with facilities to correct deficiencies. This helps to ensure that facilities comply with state and federal regulations that are intended to ensure the quality of care provided in Vermont nursing homes.

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