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Focus Area 2: Increased Access to Community Water System Fluoridation

Indicator 2.1: % of population on community water systems receiving fluoridated water

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Incomplete list of critical partnerships identified to address underlying factors and garner support:

Florida Association of Counties • Consumers • Water operators • Engineers • Local dental groups • Dental insurance companies • Florida Department of Health • Florida Dental Hygiene Association • University of Florida School of Dentistry • Nova Southeastern University College of Dentistry • Florida League of Cities • Oral Health Florida • Local Coalitions • County Health Departments • American Dental Association • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) • American Academy of Pediatrics Campaign for Dental Health ( • Pew's Children's Dental Campaign Project • Children's Dental Health Project • Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors • Tribal Councils • National Dental Association • National Hispanic Association • Urban League

What Works

Increase information distribution • Advocacy and political involvement (support a fluoridation candidate) • Word of mouth, a no cost idea • Support state funding for community water fluoridation • Focus on large water systems • Increase consumer and stakeholder involvement • Mobilize grass roots community advocates • Provide continued education on the benefits of water fluoridation in your community • Search engine optimization on pro-fluoride information


Maintain and secure funding for Community Water Fluoridation (CWF) (block grant decreased from 150,000 in 2008 to 35,000 this year) Build and mobilize local coalitions to advocate for CWF (This has been very successful) Reward best practice examples in CWF in state using ASTDD awards, OHF, FDOH awards by end of 2014 Maximize search engines for pro-fluoridation facts

Action Plan

OHF support continued funding via public testimony and science • Increase OHF fluoridation action team participation • Recruit OHF and LC members to participate on the Preventive Health and Health Services Block grant Ad Council Increase # of members in OHF Fluoridation work group • Link FPHI's coalition-building with fluoridation effort • Prioritize largest water systems not fluoridated • Show return on investment for CWF • Advocate for recurring statewide funding Work with FDA and FDHA and OHF partners to recognize communities that are optimally providing fluoride officially by presenting their awards to city councils Encourage CDC/HHS and other entities to allocate resources to refute anti-fluoridation on search engines

Story Behind the Curve

Factors that have contributed to improving the data:

Team approach of stakeholders (FDHA, OHF, FDOH, UFCD, local coalitions) • State and local legislative policies: Surgeon General, Local budgets for fluoridation systems (resources) • Advocacy/PR/media: Public hearings, articles, speakers, education materials • Research to offset anti-fluoridation (CDC, ADA)

Factors that restrict the data:

Anti-fluoridationists are communicating false information about fluoride chemical

• Generates confusion/fear/doubt/lack of trust

• Lack of information, common language and health literacy

• Providing resources to maximize search engine optimization (SEO-Google)

Lack of consumer engagement at community level


• Municipal budgets decree

• Easy to cut fluoride budget – belief that removing fluoride will cut costs

• Optionalservice - not a high priority

• Don't understand Return on Investment


Arguments regarding small government interfering in person life

Belief that removing fluoride will cut costs

Unknown status of health equity

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