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9.0 - Rate of Otara Family Violence (Notifications)


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Story Behind the Curve

The rate of family violence can serve as an indicator of how well society is supporting families to access decent housing, meaningful employment and providing adequate income for positive family endeavours i.e. sport and recreation. There are many factors that influence this indicator.

The data values reported form the baseline for this indicator and are sourced from www.Cyf.govt.nz website.

The qualitative story behind the baseline is sourced from Group Think through the following hui:

  • Thriving Otara Hui#1, 29 September 2016 (5 Hrs)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#2, 04 November 2016 (2 Hrs)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#3, 09 December 2016 (2 Hrs)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#4, 26 January 2017 (2 Hrs)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#5, 23 February 2017 (2 Hrs)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#6, 23 March 2017 (2 Hrs)

What's helping to reduce the number of family violence notification

  • it's not OK campaign
  • parenting programmes
  • housing issues
  • family violence inter-agency response services
  • education programmes
  • family protective of their own
  • bust on killer bees

What's not helping to reduce the number of family violence notifications

  • housing issues - overcrowding, diminishing supply
  • high number of liquor outlets
  • lack of well paying sustainable employment
  • gentrification
  • zero hour contracts
  • 90 day employment provision
  • gang activities
  • outcome of rugby world cup
  • access to dept management programmes
  • the treatment of clients from WINZ staff
  • lack of finance from government to support community programmes addressing the relevant issues in each community
  • ensuring the schools needs are met financially from Government
  • Children attending good schools have to leave due to families unable to meet the financial needs to continue at that school
Contact Name and RoleContribution This Organisation or Person Offers
Te Tai Awa o Te OraJulie CraigSocial workers in schools, counselling, social workers, programmes - identify social needs
CYFSMark Postow - Site Manager
Salvation ArmyPam Hughes - Regional DirectorSocial work services
Ngati Tamaoho TrustTamara Taka-Jones
ChurchesPaster Paul Food banks, (Note: 60 churches in Otara)
ResidentDean Pickwell - ResidentExperience of unemployment, homelessness, has some ideas on domestic violence
Resident/ONACJim Sinclair - ONAC Trustee and ResidentGood listener, Community advocate
Otara HealthMaddi SchmidtSupply Pepi pods, parenting programmes, HIPPY, AWHI services, Active Families and Neighbourhood Support
StriveNaomi Kaleta - Social Worker
Citizens Advice BureauLyn
Town CentreTown Centre ManagerProvides Town Centre Ambassadors
South SeasSilao - CEO
Maori WardensPuti Taufa
Ministry of Edcuation
HNZElizabeth Hansen - Snr Tenancy Manager
Grace FoundationManages Sex Offenders
Local PaliamentarianJenny Salesa - Manukau MP
Community Suppliers - TAB, Sky City, Clothing Trucks, Liquor Shops
OGAAGYvonne Matson - Chair
Local Board Lotu Fuli - Otara Local Board Chair
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