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2.0 - % Otara Students Leaving Otara Secondary Schools With L3 NCEA Qualifications


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Story Behind the Curve

The data values reported form the baseline sourced from Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, Kia Aroha College and Tangaroa College, via the Education Counts Website.

The qualitative story behind the baseline is sourced from Group Think through the following hui:

  • Thriving Otara Hui#1, 29 September 2016 (5 Hours)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#2, 04 November 2016 (2 Hours)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#3, 09 December 2016 (2 Hours)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#4, 26 January 2017 (2 Hours)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#5, 23 February 2017 (2 Hours)
  • Thriving Otara Hui#6, 23 March 2017 (2 Hours)

What's helping to improve the number of students leaving school with L3 NCEA Qualifications:

  • strong leadership in schools and passionate teachers
  • good mentoring , pathway programmes and pastoral care
  • trades training available at MIT for 16/17 year olds
  • alternative options of education
  • digital tutoring
  • access to after school educational resources and spaces

What's not helping to improve the number of students leaving school with L3 NCEA Qualifications:

  • parents working two jobs
  • leaving school early to contribute to wages in the home
  • distraction by family commitments
  • vocational pathways are skewed
  • data skewed as a proportion of students are not being externally assessed (a high portion of these are in the low decile area)
  • poverty - cost for extra curricula education
  • poor housing
  • poor nutrition
  • gang influences
  • Parent's own low educational achievement level
  • low self esteem from all parties (parents/children)
  • lack of expectation - why is education important...apathy
  • not enough 'strong' role models (as to why education is important)
  • lack of options of employment after school - with more physical/practical jobs which require limited or no education

Contact Name and RoleContribution This Organisation or Person Offers
MoEEzra SchusterData, influence
Dr Anne MilneExpertise on Alternative Ed models
Partnership SchoolsDavid Seymour
Otara Library/Auckland LibrariesFree physical and digital resources, space and collaborative programmes
Otara Schools Y9-Y13BoT Chairs
Otara Schools Y9-Y13School Principals
Local MPJenny Salesa
Otara ChurchesLocal MinistersProposal of Strategy Level
What I Can Do Differently to Improve Our Chances for Success
Changes We've Made To This Scorecard
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04/11/20162Changed Indicator Title

From: % Otara Students Leaving School with L2 NCEA Qualifications

To: % Otara Students Leaving Otara Secondary Schools with L3 NCEA Qualifications

The HUI#2 Group
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