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Number of Serious Injuries in Child Care


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Story Behind the Curve

The Child Development Division started collecting this data point in a clear form through their data system, Bright Futures Information System, in federal fiscal year 2016 (October 2015 through September 2016). This data represents the number of incidents in a child care program that a serious impairment of physical condition due to an injury to a child, including, but not limited to, the following: loss of consciousness; concussion; bone fracture; nursemaid's elbow; toddler fracture; loss or impairment of function of any body part that lasts a long time; a wound requiring many stitches or staples; tooth injury that results in treatment; dislocation of bones; serious disfigurement, etc.


Child Care Programs:

Child care providers have the biggest role in ensuring there are few or no injuries occur in child care. Child Care programs can learn about and follow Vermont's Child Care Licensing Regulations ensuring appropriate supervision and health and safety standards are met.

Community Support Agencies:

Agencies and organizations based in the communities and state have a role in supporting child care workers in understanding best practice in health and safety standards and offering training to the workers.

The Public:

The general public can help by reporting any concerns about child care programs to the VT Child Care Licensing Regulations to the Child Development Division which will ensure licensors are aware of the needed guidance and support by programs.

What Works

Child Care Licensing Visits to ensure compliance with the VT Child Care Licensing Regulations are essential to support child care programs to be safe, supportive environments for children and families. Also training in best practices for appropriate guidance, supervision and healthy practices supports child care workers in preventing injuries.


Child Care Licensing:

The Child Care Licensing Unit's goal is to visit every program annually to ensure compliance with the Child Care Licensing Regulations.


The Child Care Licensing Regulations require trainings for all child care workers on safe sleep practices, and other basic safe and healthy practices in child care programs.

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