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Source: Note: this data (total business units) includes both Otara and Papatoetoe (Local Board Area). The # of new business units is arrived at by simply calculating the difference between the annual periods reported. Sourcing Otara data only for this measure is difficult, however in the meantime and until this becomes possible, the combined report still indicates the overall level of local entrepreneurial activity.  The story behind the baseline (below) describes the original baseline derived form 'Group Think'. That base line reported a more pessimistic forecast.

What's helping to improve the number of Local Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

  • less employment opportunities > people going out of town
  • financial responsibilities
  • left their job, wants to be their own boss
  • a desire to improve lifestyle
  • uncertainty in employment market as an employee
  • business networks
  • clear business plans
  • business mentors

What's not helping to improve the number of Local Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

  • People taking their spending elsewhere
  • insufficient or nil seed funding/capital available
  • insufficient experience
  • fear of failure
  • no real government start up entrepreneurs support agency
  • cost of business incubators high
  • failure to listen to (ignoring) business advice
  • poor planning
  • low or nil corporate support
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