Result 3. All children are curious learners progressing towards their full potential

Indicator 3.3. % of 3 and 4 year olds enrolled in school


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About the Data

This indicator includes all 3 and 4-year-old children. The margin of error based on a 90-percent confidence interval is presented alongside each estimate.

All quantitative data and narrative related to the data on this page was prepared by CI NOW for ReadyKidSA.

Why Is This Important?

Attendance is an important factor in school success among children and youth. Studies show that better attendance is related to higher academic achievement for students of all backgrounds, but particularly for children with lower socio-economic status. Beginning in kindergarten, students who attend school regularly score higher on tests than their peers who are frequently absent. (


SCHOOL TYPE: Bexar County, 2020

  # of Children Enrolled (MOE) % of Enrolled Children (MOE)
  Public School 17,475 (±1,335) 70.9% (±2.7%)
  Private School 7,158 (±740) 29.1% (±2.7%)
  Total 25,633 (±1,508) 41.9% (±2.1%)

Source: US Census Bureau; 2020 ACS 5-Year Estimates, Table S1401.


RACE/ETHNICITY: Bexar County, 2020


  American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Black or African American Hispanic or Latino Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Other Two or More Races White, not Hispanic
% of Enrolled Children 6.6% 29.0% 46.3% 41.6% NA 25.2% 52.4% 50.1%
              (MOE) (±12.3%) (±11.8%) (±12.1%) (±3.9%)   (±24.1%) (±17.2%) (±5.5%)


Source: US Census Bureau; American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Samples: 5 Year estimates, 2020. All race categories are not Hispanic



Geographic Distribution

Bexar County, 2020

Story Behind the Curve

What factors are pushing up on the data?

  • Pre-K 4 SA
  • Additional $ in 2015
  • Increase in Public Awareness

What factors are pushing down on the dat?

  • Decreasing in State $
  • Accessibility - Transportation
  • Half-days scheduling issues with/parents
  • Not enough spots
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Decrease Workforce Participation
  • Value of Early Education

  • School districtsgsgsgsg
  • COSA
  • SA mayor
  • Elected officials
  • Community Agencies
  • Family, friends, neighbors
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
What Works

Evidence-based practices

  • Expanding Pre-K SA
  • Home-based programs
  • Group based programs

Promising Practices

No Cost/Low Cost

  • Increase of Public Awareness
  • Integrate information into 0-3 programs

Outside the Box Thinkingafafaffeafeafeafasgfsgfaf

  • More State $
  • More Slots
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Office of Early Education
Solutions and Strategies

Direct Service

  • Full day Pre-K within all school districts, instead of providing half-day Pre-K


  • Help make the case for the re-authorization of Pre-K 4 SA by explaining the benefits
    • Utilize Parents describing the benefits to their children and families
    • Describing any changes reflected in EDI data
  • Encourage all public and private early childhood education (ECE) centers serving SA/Bexar County to adopt a consistent, standardized enrollment process and enrollment period
  • Shift the public's perception of, and value for, universal Pre-K and Kindergarten

System Change

  • Address the reality of the benefits cliff by modifying eligibility requirements, so that the working poor are also able to continue to access services until they are financially stable
  • Align enrollment and eligibility policies across the city and all school districts serving children in SA/Bexar County


  • Highlight the funding and policy gap with regards to Pre-K
  • Increase funding for extended/full day Pre-K, ensuring more children have the opportunity to participate in quality early childhood learning and development


  • Use local celebrities, i.e., the Spurs, to raise public awareness on the importance of Pre-K 4 SA
  • In order to better understand the landscape of Pre-K service opportunities available to children across the city and county, strengthen the data analysis of the population density in relation to the number of centers, number of available slots, and the anticipated cost to afford ECE for more children in the region
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