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Result Area 7: Healthy Lives and 2 more... less...

The SSPZ will have relatively low prevalence chronic disease and risk factors.

Community members lead healthy lives.

% 5th grade students overweight or obese

Current Value




Line Bar Comparison

Why Is This Important?

Students are tested annually in their 5th, 7th, and 9th grade as part of the Physical Fitness Test. This percentage comes from the assessment in the 5th grade and is a combination of the percentage of students deemed “needs improvement” or “needs improvement - health risk” in the “Body Composition” physical fitness area.

Story Behind the Curve

Positive Factors

  • Safe routes to school program (programs at schools - e.g., ex. Spanos)
  • Rethink your Drink (statewide programs implemented at schools)
  • Harvest of the Month/School Gardens (nutrition)
  • Favorable Weather (kids outside more)
  • State statues on Soda Removal, Healthy Food Option
  • Affordable Care Act
  • School based clinics & Ed
  • Park Cleanups
  • After-school meals/summer meals

Negative Factors

  • Food Insecurity (lack of access/affordability)
  • Unsafe places to be physically active
  • Unsafe infrastructure (sidewalks and lighting)
  • Screen time/sedentary lifestyle
  • Bullying/gang activity
  • Lack of parent education on nutritional meals and preparation
  • Proliferation of Fast Food
  • Soda - cultural norm for kids and other sweet drinks
  • Cultural food norms (comfort foods, etc.)
  • Marketing unhealthy food to kids
  • Stress-related eating habits
  • Stigma around obesity as a deferent for outdoor activity


  • Community Medical Centers
  • Fathers & Families of San Joaquin
  • Reinvent South Stockton Coalition
  • YMCA
  • Public Health
  • Stockton Public Works, Community Development, Library, and Recreational Services
  • Stockton Unified School District
  • Churches
  • Healthy Neighborhoods Collaborative
  • Parents
  • Healthcare systems
  • Business (convenience stores & groceries)
  • Policymakers
  • Farmers market producers

What Works


  • Safe routes to school
  • Parks within 1/4 mile of home
  • State & Federal Programs
  • Soda Ban
  • Safe infrastructure
  • Health education
  • Joint use agreement
  • Complete streets

Promising Practices

  • Reducing screen time
  • Healthy retail programs
  • Community Gardens
  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Tobacco Prevention Strategies
  • CA Endowment Healthy Communities Initiative
  • Accessible & affordable recreational activities

Low Cost/No Cost

  • Joint Use Policies
  • Food Demos in community facilities (churches/community centers)
  • Outdoor activity
  • Taxes on soda
  • Fast Food Moratorium
  • Community support for healthier retail options
  • Farmers Market in public spaces (cost of permits)
  • Active community events to promote active living
  • Street vendor permits (incentives for healthy options)

Off the Wall

  • Trash for Food
  • Teach recycling (environmental awareness)
  • Living wages
  • Healthy Fast Food (LOCOL)
  • Kids learn food business (entrepreneurship)
  • Peer Education
  • Economic development/incentives to grocers
  • Institutional subsidization of produce on streets

Priority Strategies

  • Expand Safe Routes to School (evidence based)
  • Implement Healthy Retail Program (promising practice)
  • Tobacco Prevention Strategies adapted (promising practice)
  • Create accessible and affordable recreational activities (promising practice)
  • Reduce barriers to public Farmers Markets (low cost/no cost)

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