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Vermont Children and Young People Thrive

Number of youth age 17 and younger found delinquent or designated as a youthful offender by Family Court


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Notes on Methodology

This data has been updated as of September 2018 to reflect data that the court provided to Family Services Division. This data reflects the number of youth who were adjudicated delinquent each year. The numbers also include those youth who were designated as youthful offenders. Click on the Trend Line Comparison button for a breakdown of youth found delinquent and youth designated as youthful offender.

Story Behind the Curve

We want to reduce the incidence of youth involved with the juvenile justice system as part of our efforts to ensure that all Vermonters are healthy and safe.

The Family Services Division (FSD) is Vermont's youth justice agency. We provide supports and services to the following youth and their families:

  1. Youth at risk of harming themselves or others;
  2. Youth on juvenile probation; and
  3. Youthful offenders.

What We Do

As Vermont's youth justice agency, we:

  • Assess youth to determine their strengths and challenges;
  • Provide youth with needed supports and services;
  • Place youth in temporary out-of-home care when needed to keep them or their communities safe;
  • Work with youth and their parents towards their safe return home; and
  • Find permanent homes for youth who can't return home safely.
What Works

Balanced & Restorative Justice (BARJ)

BARJ is an approach to juvenile justice that includes both the victims and community in responding to crime and focuses on offender accountability and community safety.

Balanced & Restorative Justice (BARJ)

BARJ is a balanced, restorative approach to juvenile justice that emphasizes:

  • Reducing the number of youth involved with the juvenile justice system;
  • Repairing the harm caused by delinquent behaviors; and
  • Giving victims and community members a voice in the process.

Who BARJ Serves

We work with youth who are:

  • On juvenile probation;
  • At risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system; or
  • Truant from school.

BARJ Services

Services could include:

  • Restorative Justice Panels: involves community members, offenders, and victims in discussions to address the harm caused by delinquent acts and the actions needed to repair the damage. The goal is to hold offenders accountable for the effects of their actions on others.
  • Restitution Services: ensures restitution payments are made to victims of delinquent acts.
  • Screening and Restorative Services: pre-screens youth using the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) to determine the services required, based on risk and needs.
  • Case Management Services: coordinates services for youth and their families that may include:
    • Attendance at family and school team meetings;
    • Attendance at court hearings;
    • Curfew checks;
    • Drug and alcohol testing;
    • Home visits;
    • Supports for youth who are at risk or truant; and
    • Therapeutic treatment meetings.
  • Restorative Classes, Skills Development, Prevention, and Community Outreach: includes skill building groups and activities on topics such as:
    • Conflict resolution;
    • Social skills;
    • Problem solving and decision making;
    • Community service;
    • Leadership;
    • Victim issues;
    • Effective communication; and
    • One-to-one supports for youth.
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