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Result 1.1 Children in McLennan County are healthy, safe, and successful learners

Indicator 1.1.2 Percent of students who are kindergarten ready (County average)

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Story Behind the Curve

Over the last two school years, students are increasing entering Kindergarten ready to learn.

Data comes from TEA's Texas Public Kindergarten Programs and Kindergarten Readiness report. In this report, public kindergarten student enrollment is defined as the numberof kindergarten enrollees who were reported enrolled as of the Fall Snapshot date (last Friday in October) of each year andkindergarten reading assessment data are reported for those kindergartners enrolled as of the Fall Snapshot date who took abeginning of year reading assessment on the Commissioner's List of Reading Instruments.

Factors that have contributed to improvement:

  • Texas School Ready! - For children born after 2012, Head Start, child cares, and Pre-kindergarten programs had access to Texas School Ready who released new guidelines in 2015. This led to an increase in early childhood programs. 
  • Increased usage of pre-kindergarten - The data shows that children who attend a public pre-kindergarten program often are more prepared to enter kindergarten. 

Limiting factors:

  • A recent push from the state lead to increased funding from TEA to increase the quality of pre-kindergarten programs in ISDs. This lead to school districts hiring away workforce talent from Head Start and child care facilities.
  • Limited visibility of available programs - programs are not seen as enrichment or service, but thought of programs only meant for "the poor."
  • Childcare is unaffordable and spaces are limited. Home visiting and Early Head Start spaces are also limited.

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What Works

Evidence Based/Research Based Actions
  • Provide options for early childcare until 18 months
  • Improve transition planning from childcare/pre-k to kindergarten
  • Use Vroom to promote family engagement 
Low-cost/No-Cost Actions
  • Bookmarks about  resources in Reach out & Read books
  • Increase collaboration and referrals between agencies
Off the Wall
  • Parent engagement community-wide event (Zoo, Arts Fest, Health Fair)
  • Parent coaches to assist providers & give out information 
  • Media blitz for home visiting programs (public awareness campaign)
  • Partner with medical community to promote resources 
    • Create video of all the home visiting programs to play the the Family Health Center clinics
Additional Research Needed
  •  Data at the district or campus level to target interventions


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