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% of adults who use two or more substances - including tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs - in the past 30 days


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Updated:  October 2019

“Use” of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana refers to any scope of use in the past 30 days, ranging from 1 day to 30, and “Misuse” refers to improper or unhealthy use or use by anyone under legal age.  Misuse also includes using prescription drugs in ways other than prescribed or using someone else’s prescription.


This measure represents the percent of adults 18+ who used of two or more substances in the last 30 days which may range from someone who had one drink and used marijuana once during the month or a daily tobacco user who had one drink, to someone who misuses multiple substances on a near daily basis.  People use frequently use multiple substances or begin using substances at a young age are most at risk of substance use disorders.  Physical dependence can occur with the regular (daily or almost daily) use of any substance, legal or illegal.

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