Youth in Frazee are Resilient

% of 8th grade youth in Frazee that have seriously considered suicide (cumulatively)


Line Bar Comparison
Story Behind the Curve

What factors are causing the trend to rise? 

-- Exposure of youth to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

  • Incarcerated or divorced parents or death or abandonment of a parent
  • Sexual, emotional, verbal or physical abuse
  • Physical neglect or emotional neglect
  • Domestic violence exposure
  • Substance abuse in the home
  • Mental illness of a family member

- Unhealthy Relationships

  • Social media issues
  • Unhealthy parent relations
  • Lack of connection to positive adult relationships
  • Bullying

- Stigma of Recieving Services

  • Being labeled
  • Parents not supporting youth to enroll in services

- Societal Conditions

  • Poverty
  • Single Parent Families
  • Lack of access to healthy environments
    • Physical infrastructure
    • Transportation
  • Racism
  • Sexism

- Social Emotional Difficulties

  • Fear of failure - competitive & comparative
  • Poor impulse control
  • Sensations seeking- Immediate gratification
  • Anxiety or sensitivity
  • Hopelessness
  • Body Image
  • Poor coping skills
    • Substance Abuse Issues
    • Violence

- Lack access to care

  • Schools understaffed to meet needs
  • CTSS workers needed
  • Mental health professionals not accessible

Factors that cause the trend to decrease:

- Access to Care

  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Chemical dependency

- Physical Environments that Promote Health

  • Rec centers
  • Parks/playgrounds/recreation
  • Schools that are condusive to all childrens needs
  • Safe environments (home and community)
  • Healthy food access

- Positive Social Emotional Skills

  • Opportunities to participate in activities that teach skills (hands on and educational)
  • Preventative programs to support early learning and development

Positive Societal Conditions

  • Skills/jobs for all
  • Quality education
  • Transportation
  • Compassionate communities

- Healthy Relationships

  • Mentoring programs
  • Positive parenting programs
  • Adult/youth interaction- intergenerational
  • Peer supports

Becker County Energize:

Essentia Health - project management and financial investment, access to care

USDA - Community Facilitites Grant 

West Central Initiative- funding listening sessions, networking 

Mahube/OTWA - whole family approach- resources

 Partnership4Health - best practices and financial support ,

Methodist Church- Building Space

Stellher Human Services - mental health services, crisis services

Becker County Human Services/Health, - resources

Lakes Crisis and Resource Center - Kinship program

Becker County 4H- after school/ art programming

Boys and Girls Club - games/resources, best practices

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts - activities 

Lions Club- Frisbee golf partner in the Lions park 

Service Clubs- financial support

Frazee-Vergas School - partnership, resources, access to students, development of entrepreneurial program with hands on opportunities for learning

Local Churches- access to resources, connection to personal community relationships

Local Businesses- sponsorship/supports

Aleisa Jopp- catering business - development of cafe to support income base and entrepreneurial program for youth 

 DLCCC- passes to fitness center, training on youth program 

Local Government - city to leverage resources, people support 

 Becker County Museum- programming partnerships for outreach 

Father Project- motivational speaking

United Way - financial support 

Youth - ownership in creating solutions, skills 

What Works

Evidence based:

  • Health services at schools
  • Teachers/counselors provide home visits
  • Education to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness
  • Feeling assessments in every classroom
  • Mental health and CTSS integrated into schools
  • After school programs
  • Teaching mindful habits
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Trauma informed schools and families
  • Recreational clubhouses
  • Crisis intervention training
  • Assist and suicide TALK training
  • Expanding and improving trails, parks, beaches and outdoor fitness opportunities
  • Love and logic
  • Make it Okay
  • Backpack program expansion
  • Access to mental health professionals
  • Youth recovery programs in all communities
  • Preventure in schools
  • MN math and reading corp
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Building faith in communities

Promising Practices:

  • Early depression assessments by providers
  • Apprenticeships for youth
  • Support groups in school
  • Anonymous warm line
  • Education in schools for teachers
  • Positive role models/mentoring programs
  • Education in schools: sex ed, consent, and reducing risky behaviors
  • Free activities- improving access for youth
  • Free lunches and breakfast at school
  • Summer programming for youth
  • Career fairs/jobs for youthy
  • Job coaches
  • Rethink mental health
  • CornerStone Project
  • 5/10 Rule
  • Gifts for kids (not just on a holiday)
  • More community conversations to build compassion
  • Tool box of mental health resources
  • Youth centers

No Cost/Low Cost:

  • Expanding community education
  • Community gardens for youth
  • Area providers promoting/referring for confidential services for minors
  • Brown bag lunches for professionals- community resources/information
  • Whole family apporoach
  • 4-H programs
  • Expand parenting classes for everyone
  • Mentoring programs- mobilizing volunteers
  • Improved utilization of school staff
  • Equal student opportunities for leadership
  • Church programs
  • After school activities at extisting facilities in the community
  • WeCare stamps expansion
  • Habitat for Humanity (playgrounds, adaptive equipment)
  • Police to school- warm handoffs
  • Social Media marketing
  • Improving utilization & equipment in parks/rec to support youth programs

Off the Wall:

  • 24 Hour crisis units in each town
  • All rural towns have teen centers
  • Free mental healthcare
  • Mental health providers in every community
  • Universal healthcare
  • Free transportation
  • Splash pads
  • Family mentoring programs
  • Youth shelter/crisis house
  • Enough funding to support the needs of the community to raise healthy youth
  • No standardized testing
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Free child care
  • Livable wages for all
  • Homework hotline
  • Healthy eating on budget classes in all schools
  • 7 principles program for moms- Gottman Program
  • Low cost food programs
  • Amber Wing in Becker County
  • Every kid gets a bike
  • Hotels with pools all let kids swim free
  • Mentors for every student
  • Train communities on compassion
  • Activities for everyone (intergenerational) in every community every week
  • Intermural sports and clubs

1. Develop a sustainable youth center in the community: a safe space, with fun activities, open to support youth all day, with food and adults that care

2. Implement a mentoring program

 3. Improving mental health access and education 

4. Improve parks - Frisbee golf (immediate step) 

5. Create entrepreneurial opportunities/apprenticeships 

6. Provide after school/outside of school art and diverse activities 

7. Implement mental health services and education in school to support students 

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