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North Carolinian adults are healthy, physically active and able to manage their arthritis.

Percent of NC adults diagnosed with arthritis who report they have ever taken an educational course or class to teach them how to manage problems related to their arthritis or joint symptoms (OM4)


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Data Description & Source

BRFSS 2019 data includes disparities across demographic groups and correlations with other health outcomes and conditions:

Note: This was included in the 2022 BRFSS Questionnaire, and results are expected in Sept 2023. 

Story Behind the Curve

Successes: What is helping?

The CDC Arthritis Grant leverages the AAA network to connect with statewide partners and initiatives in order to provide the AAEBIs of Walk With Ease, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, Enhance Fitness, and Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention.

By coordinating access to training opportunities and resources, the CDC Arthritis Grant expands Walk With Ease program sites and certified leaders, creates a statewide self-directed Walk With Ease portal for NC state employees, and recruits Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Master Trainers.

Challenges: What is hurting?

There is interest in AAEBIs, but agency and community capacity to provide them consistently and sustainably is an ongoing challenge. Health care providers are interested in evidence-based programs, but are not always aware of them or how to refer their patients. A baseline was determined through 2019 BRFSS data.


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