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Parents in Becker County have access to quality child care programs

Number of slots needed in Becker County

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HY2 2018


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Story Behind the Curve

Factors that have contributed to improvements:

  • More child care facilities across the county
  • Access to resources for providers
  • Community recognition
  • Trained/skilled child care providers
  • Services/supports for kids in need
  • Providers would have better pay/benefits
  • State regulation friendly for child care providers in rural areas

Factors the cause the problem:

  • Provider burnout
  • State Regulations- funding, provider paperwork, substitute options, funding, limits on # of kids, inspections
  • Financial/Benefits: poor income for providers and no employee benefits
  • Increasing child mental health and behavioral concerns
  • Lack of business skills/training
  • Access to resources
  • Poverty
  • Transportation
  • Industry needs don’t match hours preferred
  • Booming economy = low unemployment rates


Essentia Health, Chamber of Commerce, Child Care Aware- Lakes and Prairies CAP, Sourcewell, Becker County EDA, Child Care Association, Laker Prep  Becker County Commissioners, City Governments (Detroit Lakes, Frazee, Lake Park, Ogema), BTD, Lakeshirts, SJE Rhombus, Ecumen, Public Health, School Districts (DL, Frazee, Lake Park, Ogema), M-State Community and Technical College, MMCDC, West Central Initiative, Wild Rice Co-Op, First Children’s Finance, Zion Lutheran Church, True Life Church, First Lutheran Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church 

What Works


  1. Develop new child care access through a focus on supporting the development of co-located child care in faith organizations, non-profits or businesses.  
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Develop a work group around the strategy
      2. Identify available spaces that tentatively would be open for child care
      3. Develop a “process map” of how to start a child care business
  2. Develop a child care career pathway and support pathway for access to start up resources for private, non-profit, or child care center facility models.
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Develop a work group with the high school, MSTATE Community Tech, Child Care Aware, Sourcewell and Child Care providers
      2. Career pathway is developed and promoted
      3. BCE website has “one stop shop” page for child care resources
  3. Develop a local cost one day re-licensing training for child care providers.  
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Explore the options and resources available for training
      2. Allocate resources to support training & host
  4. Identify funding sources available to support new and existing child care providers. 
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Identify funding sources to support child care trainings, scholarships for providers for education, capital costs, and subsidies available.
      2. Develop a process to make funding available for child care needs.

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