Children, Adolescents, and Adults of Clay County will have Access to Mental Health Resources

% of Clay County did Not Get Mental Health Care or Counseling that was Needed in the Past Year


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Strategies Considered & Process

The following actions have been identified by our partners and community members as ideas for what can work for our community to make a difference on mental health.

Actions and Approaches Identified by Our Partners: These are actions and approaches that our partners think can make a difference on mental health resources.

  • Referral Process 
  • ACE's and Resiliency training within the school
  • Mental Health First Aid Training

What is Currently Working in Our Community: These are actions and approaches that are currently in place in our community to make a difference mental health.

  • Referral Process

Evidence-Based Strategies: These are actions and approaches that have been shown to make a difference on mental health.

Name of Strategy Reviewed

Level of Intervention 

Triple-P Organizational and Individual
Mental Health and First Aid Training Individual and Community


What Community Members Most Affected by Mental Health Issues Say: These are the actions and approaches recommended by members of our community who are most affected by lack of mental health resources.

  • Not aware of any progress on this area, which is a major issue in this area (lack of sufficient mental health programs and providers). – Public Health Representative (Clay County)
  • Inadequate facilities and treatment personnel. – Community Leader (Clay County)
  • The stigma of mental illness being seen as a weakness, rather than a disease process. – Other Health Provider (Clay County)
  • Funding; lack of counselors and mental health resources that provide quality care. – Public Health Representative (Clay County)

Process for Selecting Priority Strategies

Clay County examined the data that was distributed by WNC Healthy Impact and brought the key issues to our Healthy Carolinians Partnership and the School Health Advisory Committee to glean their input. Mental health access to care has been discussed at all county meetings and it was determined that we as a whole county need to work on this priority. Through many discussions the consensus was that we need to work on parenting skills and skills to protect our minds from others. Through partnerships this is being accomplished. 

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