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What is this Indicator?

The State of California requires Early Care and Education (ECE) service providers to be licensed by the state. Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS) and the Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) are responsible for the licensing process. In addition, the role of SNCS and PCOE is to provide resources to providers and free ECE program referrals to families. A higher number of licensed providers indicates that there are more options available for families. 

What does it mean to be licensed? What is expected of licensed providers?

  • Regulation of child to teacher ratio.
  • Safety regarding the building and facility.
  • Public health standards related to hygiene, nutrition, and vaccinations. 
  • ECE providers are offered teacher training and resources. 

Source: Childcare and licensing regulations. 


Story Behind the Curve

Factors Impacting the Trend

  • Placer County Office of Education and Sierra Nevada Children's Services are based in other areas which can be a challenge since North Tahoe-Truckee families use the area as a region (i.e. A family may live in Nevada County but need ECE services from in Placer County because they work there). This may result in fragmented data 
  • There is a significant lack of night and weekend services; there are no ECE providers that are able to offer night and/or weekend services. As a result, North Tahoe-Truckee families who work in the service industry may have trouble accessing ECE services. 
  • Qualitative Data: Quotes From Surveys
    • "[Challenge] funding to maintain facilities and offer transportation."
    • "[I] see more and more providers leaving the field due to stress, financials, space and time.
    • "I wish I could help more families find care."


Early Care and Education Services Provider Survey, 2019.  

Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee. 2019 Community Issue Brief. 


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