Children, Adolescents, and Adults of Clay County will have access to Mental Health Resources and Prevention Education

Youth average use of tobacco within the past 30 days


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Strategies Considered & Process

The following actions have been identified by our School Health Advisory Council and community members as ideas for what can work for our community to make a difference on substance misuse.

Actions and Approaches Identified by Our Partners: These are actions and approaches that our partners think can make a difference on substance misuse.

  • Continuing to conduct the Pride survey 
  • Operation MedicationDropoff

What is Currently Working in Our Community: 

  • Continuing to conduct the Pride survey 
  • Operation MedicationDropoff
  • Bringing back the Drug Free Coaliton

Evidence-Based Strategies: These are actions and approaches that have been shown to make a difference on substance misuse.

Name of Strategy Reviewed

Level of Intervention 

Operation Medicine Dropoff Community
Pride Survey Data Community and Organizational


What Community Members Most Affected by [name health problem] Say: These are the actions and approaches recommended by members of our community who are most affected by substance misuse. 

  • Need more recovery support
  • Need more prevention education within the schools

Process for Selecting Priority Strategies

The SHAC reviewed the 2018 Community Health Assessment data in comparison of other community health assessments to determine priority areas for Clay County. Once the priority areas were distinguished the health department took the findings to different workgroups within the county to determine what has been working well and what we would like to see happen within the county. We were also able to look at the 2018-19 Hayesville Schools Pride survey data to determine problem areas that are impacting our youth. 

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