St Helier is an attractive place to live

% of St Helier residents who are very satisfied with St Helier as a place to live


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What is this about?

This data is collected using the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (JOLS) which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey.  It was first introduced in 2015 and is repeated regularly to track change over time.

In 2018, 92% of St Helier residents said they were either fairly satisfied or very satisfied with St Helier as a place to live. Taken at face value that doesn't seem to leave much room for improvement. Breaking it down, however, shows that just 30% of Islanders living in St Helier were very satisfied with the town as a place to live in 2018. The remaining 62% were just fairly satisfied. This is essentially unchanged since 2015. If we hope to change perceptions of urban living we need to understand why and develop policy options designed to make a difference.

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